Why Watching Rome Burn?

In Reality…the majority of so-called “Progressive” or “Alternative ” news media is just as corrupt, controlled and manipulated as the main stream media offerings that they tell you they oppose.  Like their prostituted news brethren these scores of news sites can be easily judged… BY WHAT THEY LEAVE OUT!!

Can a reader continue to trust any news source that willfully leaves out the most important information?



As an exhausted first world empire struggles for survival after decades of raping and pillaging much of the remaining free world of its resources, sovereign governments, traditions, futures and happiness,  it is the whores of the Fourth Estate who lie-everyday- to you, the reader, thus helping the established world powers remain free from accurate, critical examination… and world anger!


Watching Rome Burn was founded to counter the growing lies of Alternative Media. WRB is dedicated to publishing the real story- the one witnessed with human eyes- from the scene… as it happens… and providing a voice for all world citizens to rally against the oppression of today’s desperate and dying empire. The writers, editors, contributors and columnists of Watching Rome Burn have one simple mission: to call out the reader… to global ACTION!!

Everyday WRB brings you the world, far and wide!

Watching Rome Burn is a global news and current events daily newspaper. WRB editors accept manuscripts on world current events in six languages. WRB is a throw-back to the days of on-scene, as-it-happens news and front page newspaper headlines. Published seven days a week in six languages, it is the goal of WRB to showcase the works of authors from the far corners of the globe. On-scene journalists who write from the epicenter of current events provide the best and most accurate story. WRB is dedicated to bringing their work to you. The world is screaming to be heard! At WRB we offer the YOU- the world- a voice.

Within the pages of Watching Rome Burn we feature the power of the pen and the human spirit that courageously goes after lying politicians, corrupt media, corporate crime, environmental disaster, religious hypocrisy and the global influences of US/Israeli Zionism. The authors at WRB attempt to raise the bar of today’s journalism and set an example of daily courage in presenting the whole story, the true story… the human story. We want our courage to become yours. It is time to rise-up through knowledge. It is time to take back our minds and to question all media. It is time to care. It is time for action!

We hope you will find the many articles showcased daily on Watching Rome Burn a much the needed kick in the ass.


It is time!


WatchingRomeBurn is a daily world news call to action against the sorrows of empire. Fresh, original content from boots on the ground journalism. If you’re looking for breaking news that feeds your sense of curiosity with primary facts, this is the place.



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