Watching Rome Burn Wants You!


Do you care?

-Can you use words like a sledgehammer? Can you play the strings of a sentence with your pen?  Do you write with a passion that brings the reader to tears, laughter or off their couches in screaming anger?

-Do you care about the world around you and desperately yearn for a world built on peace, not war; compassion, not hatred; and community not greed?

-Do you  wish to stop the ever-mounting sorrows of an empire gone mad?

If you answered “YES!” to these most important questions of OUR TIMES, then Watching Rome Burn wants YOU!

Interested authors, please send one original hard copy of your article to:



  1. WRB gives priority to live-on-scene, as-it-happens news stories from anywhere across the globe. WRB pays tribute to real journalists: those who go to the story with a passion to fight with their pen. If you are THERE… WRB wants you HERE!
  2. WRB loves investigative/ research articles examining and exposing the underground worldwide news stories of today.
  3. WRB respects well researched and rationally presented opinion pieces on the current events of our times. The SUNDAY EDITION of WRB showcases the best Op-Ed articles of the news week.
  4. WRB wants to hear from new authors looking for a voice. We especially enjoy new authors from developing nations. WRB is published in six world languages, so you may submit in the language of your choice.



WRB provides the authors great latitude in the range of stories they present. Controversial topics are welcomed, but you better be able to prove your point factually and with citations. Citations are highly encouraged in the form of links and/or footnotes.

WRB is published in six world languages, so authors from developing nations are highly encouraged to submit their work.

WRB  has no restriction on length of each manuscript, however poor editing may result in rejection or request for re-write. WRB edits everything we read for publication, however there are limits.



-Please send as a WORD DOC or RTF.
-Please use ONLY Courier or Arial as fonts for all submissions.
-Please provide line spacing at 1.5.
-Please be sure to use either embedded links or footnotes to substantiate the facts you present. Failure to do so will result in rejection.
-Please provide a brief biography and picture of yourself and your work as an author.

Send to:


Watching Rome Burn is a daily global news call to action against the sorrows of empire. Fresh, original content from boots on the ground journalism. If you’re seeking global news that feeds your sense of right and wrong, this is the place.



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