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Trump’s Key ‘Fixer’ with European Alt-Right is Anti-Semitic

By: Richard Silverstein

A little-known Italian-American, Guido “George” Lombardi, is known as Donald Trump’s “fixer” with the European alt-right.  Lombardi, a wealthy real estate investor who owns the 62nd and 63 floors of the Trump Tower and is a member of his Mar-a-Lago club, is a Trump insider, though he has no official position.  In a Politico profile published a month before the Inauguration, senior representatives of the French National Front and UKIP confirmed that Lombardi is their point of access with Pres. Trump:

Lombardi…said that throughout the presidential campaign he fielded calls from representatives of a veritable Who’s Who of the European Right, including French far-right leader Marine Le Pen — who was spotted in Trump Tower Thursday — Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, members of Austria’s Freedom Party, as well as the center-right French Républicains party who all wanted to meet with Trump.

“I’m in contact with just about everybody,” Lombardi, who is in his early sixties and emigrated to the United States from Italy in the 1970s, said…“When there is a high-level request, I pass it on. It may be to Eric [Trump], it may be to someone else. It may be to Donald himself. It depends on who, and what, it is.”

The National Front’s representative in the United States confirmed knowing and having spoken to Lombardi. “He is a go-between,” said Denis Franceskin. “He is part of the [Trump] network,” he said

Lombardi espouses viciously Islamophobic views, which are in tune with those of our President:

Lombardi hosted a meeting at Trump’s Margo-a-Lago club of the North Atlantic League, which he told the gathered guests is fighting to defend “Judeo-Christian civilization.” The emcee was Frank Gaffney, a former Reagan administration official who has campaigned for a hard American line against Islam and published a book entitled “Shariah: The Threat to America.” A logo of the United West, an organization that says it “is dedicated to defending and advancing Western Civilization against the kinetic and cultural onslaught of Shariah Islam,” appears in the corner of an undated video, which Lombardi uploaded onto YouTube in May.

Among other political dirty tricks, Trump’s “Italian Stallion” freely conceded to the Politico reporter that he established nearly 500 fake Facebook profiles supporting Trump in the run-up to the presidential election.  The sites had names like “Bikers for Trump,” “Latinos for Trump,” and “Veterans for Trump.”  The story notes that much of the material posted to these sites was precisely the sort of fake news originating from dubious sources which have plagued social media, especially Facebook.  In other words, Lombardi is member in good standing of the the dirty tricks campaign that got Trump elected.

Lombardi is closely associated with the Italian Northern League, a party loosely allied with the far-right, anti-immigrant platforms of the National Front, UKIP, and Viktor Orban’s Jobbik Party.

What was less well-known at the time the Politico report was published was Lombardi’s stridently anti-Semitic views:

guido lombardi anti- semite pro israel

Guido Lombardi proudly pictured at New York Israel Day parade












Lombardi tweets a story from a bizarre, conspiracy-laden, anti-Semitic blog, Political Vel Craft: Veil of Politics, which attacks France’s President-elect, Emmanuel Macron, as a plant of the Rothschild banking family in the Elysee Palace (Obama too was one in the White House!) and a closeted gay. It accuses him of forming a Hitler Jugend-like Youths for Macron campaign support group.

The image featured in the Lombardi tweet is also troubling and bizarre. It features a Frenchman weeping at the entry of the Nazis into Paris in 1940. The implication is that France is weeping now that Macron, a Nazi-like demon, has assumed power.

He also retweets from the pro-Israel alt-right Gatestone Institute, which calls Macron a “useful idiot of Islam.”

Yet another piece of bizarro about this guy is that he’s actually pro-Israel.  Like much of the neo-Nazi alt-right throughout Europe, Israel is a good thing because it’s fighting the Good Fight against the Muslim horde.  Jews, however, are another thing entirely.  They remain the vicious, dirty, thieving scoundrels sucking the life-blood from western civilization.  If this isn’t a bizarre bit of incongruity, I don’t know what is.

This entire scandal is reminiscent of the Sebastian Gorka ordeal in which Steve Bannon installed fellow anti-Semitic crony in the White House as a counter-terror advisor. Gorka had no credentials in that field aside from a PhD from a third-rate Hungarian institution which had no academic department studying the subject. Two of the three members of his PhD committee didn’t have PhDs themselves.

Gorka was a medal-wearing member of a Hungarian neo-Nazi Party, known for its anti-Semitic views. Though Gorka denies, somewhat feebly, many of the charges against him, Trump’s wiser half (his son-in-law and daughter?) announced he will soon be shunted aside somewhere so as not to pose any further embarrassment.  However, Esquire notes that the sane ones in Trumpland may’ve lost this battle.  Supposedly Trump and Bannon himself intervened and saved Gorka’s ass.  So there is still a Class A anti-Semite in the White House and one in Trump Tower.

Though Guido has no official position, his deep connections to the most rancid of European fascist politics should raise plenty of alarm bells.

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