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Rwandan State Against Political Prisoner Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, ‘The Female Mandela’

By: Umoya

Corporate media and agencies pay no attention to news on this brave woman called Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, but the Umoya portal and other groups are well aware of her work, because it’s of crucial importance: it could end the misery and desolation that has punished the African Great Lakes for 20 years.

The unofficial delegates from US, Great Britain and Israel in this region, rich in strategic resources, are called Front Patriotique Rwandais (FPR), which is the causer and main perpetrator of the Rwandan genocide—even though afterwards they presented themselves as saviors from this same massacre, by imposing a version of the facts that has little to do with reality. The FPR is backed by corporate media and hegemonic powers, they are the invaders of Congo, and the ones that are responsible for the miserable situation the country is in right now. They dominate the Congolese army, they raze Burundi, and they’re allied to Museveni in Uganda. Paul Kagame’s FPR is the perpetuator of the policy of burnt land, exploitation and domination across the region.

If a brave pacifist like Victoire Ingabire achieved international fame and support, she could cause the fall of the terrible regime that has spilled so much blood.

Her fame has reached a point where she can no longer be executed like many before her, but nevertheless she’s imprisoned and her life is in constant danger.

This year, there are elections in Rwanda—a masquerade to perpetuate Paul Kagame in power since there’s no opposition. If she managed to get out of jail, without a doubt she would take the elections home, and the Rwandan regime knows this and won’t allow it.


The Rwandan state boycotts the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights to attack the case of Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza

By: Dr. Innocent Biruka (FDU-INKINGI) / The Dawn News / March 19, 2017

According to trustworthy sources, the Rwandan state and the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide have unexpectedly decided to step down from case No. 003/2014 against Mrs. Victoire Ingabire Umuhoza, whose audience is due tomorrow, March 22, 2017, at the African Court of Human and People’s Rights in Arusha, Tanzania.

Our sources report that the FPR regime alleges that the Court isn’t impartial, so they decided to retreat from the trial so as to prevent the request issued by Mrs. Umuhoza from coming to light.

Mrs. Umuhoza is the leader of the  United Democratic Forces of Rwanda (FDU-INKINGI) and is currently being held in a Rwandan prison as a political prisoner.

Fearing defeat, the Rwandan state decided to go with excuses to avoid the legal confrontation. This last-minute maneuver to derail the trial was the culmination of their strategy of intense —and useless— maneuvers to suspend it.

The FDU-INKINGI denounce the hypocrisy of the FPR regime, which just managed to get a Rwandan judge, Mrs. Marie Thérèse Mukamulisa, elected as part of the African Court in the General Assembly of the African Union. So the Rwandan state had managed to become judge and judged in the Court, and now they’re complaining about the impartiality.

The fact that the Rwandan state didn’t wait for the audiences to begin to lay out their arguments and instead opted for the coward tactic of boycott is completely astounding.

FInally, the FDU-INKINGI are surprised that the National Commission for the Fight against Genocide, which supposedly plays a neutral role as amicus curiae in this trial, is stepping down at the same time that the Rwandan government.

Given the Rwandan government’s refusal to submit to the Judicial system as everybody else, the FDU-INKINGI is asking their sponsors to draw the necessary conclusions and freeze any sort of monetary help to this judicial system, that is being paid by a government that has no respect for justice.


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