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The Hidden History of the Israeli Invasions in Gaza

By: Leandro Albani


Debater and precise investigator, Norman G. Finkelstein resumes the deep policies of the Israeli State against Palestinian population in his book: Madness and Method. The hidden history of Israel’s attacks on Gaza.

Taking into account the military operations Molten Lead (2008-2009), Defensive Pillar (2012) and Protective Margin (2014) -which devastated the Gaza Strip and murdered a total of 3700 Palestinian- for the analysis, Finkelstein concisely details these Israeli invasions, their reasons, the told lies to justify the attacks and the international lattice that allows Tel Aviv to expand its occupation over Palestinian territory.

In Madness and Method, published by Akal Editions in 2014, the professor of Political Theory at the De-Paul Chicago University also retakes his debater characteristic that he had left clear at his recognized and polemic book The industry of the Holocaust. Reflections about the exploitation of the Jewish suffering.  Finkelstein analyzes the Israeli invasions in Gaza from a critical position and using as main sources the declarations of the Jewish officials and militaries, as also a wide archive of documents and investigations realized by the United Nations, and in the case of Melted Lead, the renowned Goldstone Report, which investigated the crimes committed by Israel in the operation. The report, rejected by Tel Aviv for exposing the massacres committed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), confirms that the government leaded, at the moment, by Benjamín Netanyahu had as an objective “to punish, humiliate and terrorize the civilian population of Gaza”, besides “consciously murdering, torturing and inflicting an inhuman treatment”, and “premeditatedly causing huge sufferings, serious or adverse wounds, destroying properties without any excuse and doing so in an illegal and free way”.

Even though Finkelstein takes the Goldstone Report as a fundamental stone to expose the Israel’s repressive policies, at the same time he does not hide his critics towards Richard Goldstone, who headed the investigation and, shortly after, due to Israeli pressure he denied the veracity of it .

At Madness and Method…  it is also clearly exposed the Israeli reasons to invade the Gaza Strip, a little Palestinian territory of 360 square kilometers in which 2 million people live, subjected to a harsh economic and commercial blockade from Tel Aviv. Finkelstein argues that in each of the military operations, Israel tried to show to the world its “deterrent capacity” and, at the same time, tried to hit the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, which rules the trip since 2006 and with time it transformed itself to a political and armed organization with a great connection with the population. At the pages of the book it is clear that every great Israeli invasion is supported by a solid media coverage that justifies it and -maybe the most worrying- the growth in paranoia of the Israeli society, induced by their rulers.

Finkelstein presents numbers, data, coordinates and unquestionable proofs of how Israel is razing Gaza with a plan born in 1949 with the implementation of the Israeli State at Palestinian territory.

As a closure, the author and son of Auschwitz and Majdanek survivors, reflects about the new forms of resistance that the Palestinian can choose to face the occupation. “If diplomacy and legal ways are of the table, the only thing left is popular resistance. But, what kind of resistance? The question is not if the Palestinian have the right to resort to armed struggle to end the occupation. It is evident that they have it”. After setting his positioning, Finkelstein continues: “It is a political matter: what tactics and strategies will throw better political results? As heroic as the resistance can be at Gaza, as exemplary as they indomitable will results, after three bloody rounds of combats against Israel in the last five years, after suffering death and destruction at a desolating scale, armed resistance has not been able yet to improve the daily life of people”. And he adds a hypothesis, a really discussed and polemic theory: “The best thing to say about armed resistance is that it has been tried several times to end blockades without any success. The worst thing to say about non violent massive resistance is that we have not tried it yet. Should we not give it at least an opportunity?”

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