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CARTOON EDITOR- Watching Rome Burn

By: Claudius

Daily Watching Rome Burn Cartoon Editor-

Watching Rome Burn is a new global news and current events daily that will be in regular publication commencing Jan 1, 2017. Our news agency’s web-site is up for testing purposes and can be viewed at :

Watching Rome Burn has the initial goal of publishing news articles direct from authors in the nooks-and-crannies of the four corners of the globe. WRB believes that best most accurate and passionate reporting comes directly from the source. We also believe it is time for all world citizens to put a stop the “sorrows of empire.”

WRB is a throw-back to the by-gone era of on-scene, as it happens news. Like the once vaunted newspapers of yore, WRB is routinely published daily- Monday through Sunday- at 6:00 GMT. Each day we feature twenty-five engaging articles from the best authors in diverse countries whose stories must be told. Our newspaper is published in six languages and we accept manuscripts and articles in these languages through our worldwide REGIONAL EDITORS.

In order to help expand our global reach we are looking for one Daily Political Cartoon Editor. This requires only about 0.5 hours a day. The minimal requirements are;

-Fluent(reading and Writing) in either, Spanish; Dutch; Portuguese; English; German or French.

– Able to find and send to WRB for publication one HILLARIOUS political cartoon regarding current events each day- seven days a week.

-Able to find cartoons by cartoonists from many different countries.

– Able to work a daily deadline for submission of the cartoon to the Senior Editor no later than 04:30GMT- 06:00GMT every day of the week.

The Cartoon Editor is encouraged to network with a wide range of worldwide cartoonist and topics.

The Cartoon Editor will provide attribution of the Cartoonist and the publication of origin for the cartoon with each daily cartoon submission.

Scheduling is very flexible and can be changed by request. The Cartoon Editor may submit daily cartoons ahead of schedule but is HIGHLY encourage to keep all daily cartoons topical and on-point. However, we encourage all  WRB Publishers to respect the importance of their role with WRB and honor all scheduling in a professional manner.

If you have the desire to be involved with a News Agency with a BIG difference, have a twisted sense of humor, yearn to help expose regional world news events important to you and are a world citizen who has had enough, please, contact WRB via: Don Stevens/Senior Editor WRB at :

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

Consider…It is time!

WRB wants your feedback on this important article. This is YOUR world. Stand-up and be counted. It is time!

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