Disgraced South Korean ex-President Park Goes on Trial

Park faced a panel which included Judge Kim Se-yun, who asked her, “What is your occupation?” to which she replied: “I don’t have any occupation.”   South Korea’s embattled former president Park Guen-hye faced the judiciary today. The ex-head of state, who was recently impeached, attended the first formal hearing to answer to corruption charges that have... Read More

Haitians Workers Fight for Higher Minimum Wage

According to memos obtained by Wikileaks in 2008 and 2009, the U.S. State Department blocked a proposal for a minimum wage increase in Haiti. Clothing factories in an industrial park in Haiti's capital were closed Friday and have remained shut for three days as thousands of garment workers have taken to the streets demanding a raise in the minimum wage. Nearly 18,000 factory workers are... Read More

Brazil Court to Begin Trial that Could Unseat President Temer

Brazil’s top electoral court said Tuesday it will restart the trial on a case that could annul the 2014 presidential election on charges of illegal campaign financing and even oust President Michel Temer one year after he was installed in office through a parliamentary coup against his predecessor Dilma Rousseff. Justice Gilmar Mendes, president of the Supreme Electoral Court, known by its... Read More

Argentina Moves to Prosecute 88-Year-Old Human Rights Activist

The standoff between human rights organizations in Argentina and President Mauricio Macri’s government continues to escalate. The leader of the Argentine human rights organization Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, Hebe de Bonafini, was indicted Monday for alleged fraud in a project to build social housing, to which she responded by accusing the South American country’s … Read More

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian Fisherman on Nakhba Day

  Palestinian fishermen frequently come under fire by Israeli naval forces. Muhammad Majid Bakr was fishing off the coast of the Gaza Strip when Israeli forces detained and shot him, Ma’an News Agency reported Monday. The 23-year-old Bakr succumbed to his wounds while hospitalized in Israel hours later. According to Ma’an, Israeli army sources claim … Read More

Mexican Journalist Javier Valdez Murdered, Covered Drug Beat

The well-known reporter was shot and his body left on the street after the fatal shooting. Yet another journalist was murdered in Mexico Monday, marking the sixth assassination of a reporter so far this year in one of the deadliest countries in the world for media workers. Javier Valdez, a correspondent covering the drug-related violence … Read More

US, UK in Massive Troops Movement Along Syria-Jordan Border: Report

The United States, the United Kingdom, and Jordan are mobilizing their troops along the border between Syria and Jordan, the al Mayadeen network reported Monday. The pan-Arabist network based out of Beirut, Lebanon, released pictures showing dozens of military vehicles, reportedly in the southern border of the provinces of Suweida and Daraa. According to al Mayadeen, the images show U.S.,... Read More

Brazil Announces US-Backed Military Drills at South America Triple Border Zone

The U.S. will lead an unprecedented multinational military drill between Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Brazil's military announced in a video further details on the first installment of military drills in the border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru with the support and training from the United States, BBC reported. Brazilian General Theofilo de Oliveira said the international drills will take... Read More

US to Require Visa Applicants to List Social Media History or Jeopardize Entry to Country

The stepped-up measures, which the department claims will be adopted "in order to more rigorously evaluate applicants for terrorism or other national security-related visa ineligibilities," will kick into effect beginning on May 18, but will be subject to public comment by the Office of Management of Budget. The measure, which would apply to an estimated 65,000 people per year, would require... Read More

Mexico Army Launches Crackdown on Oil Thieves

Mexican Army attacks on alleged fuel smugglers in the state of Puebla in central Mexico claimed at least 10 lives Wednesday night in ongoing confrontations between authorities and oil thieves. The violence occurred during a major government operation against organized crime groups siphoning fuel from pipelines belonging to state-owned Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex. The pilfered oil is typically... Read More

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