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Brett Redmayne-Titley has been reporting on-scene for a decade in an effort to provide better quality reporting from current events of geo-political, environmental and moral importance. Having visited over fifty countries he is a world citizen and life-long activist, political commentator and world citizen. The author has published over one hundred in-depth articles, many of them multi-part exposes, which have been re-published and translated internationally. He can be reached at:


MELT DOWN?! Corporate Greed, Gov’t Corruption, and America’s Own Fukushima Disaster.

MELT DOWN?! Corporate Greed, Gov’t Corruption, and America’s Own Fukushima Disaster. AUTHOR’S NOTE: The following article was originally published in Nov. 2012, prior to the forced closing of SONGS. WRB offers this as a preface to next week’s coverage of the outrageous way So. Cal Edison intends to dispose of the nuclear waste and the … Read More

Ecologist Special Report: The battle for the ‘Mother of Rivers’

In Thai and Lao languages, Mekong roughly translates as ‘mother of rivers.’ As one of the world’s largest waterways it stretches more than 4,000 kilometers thrusting through China, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam before emptying into the South China Sea. For wildlife enthusiasts in the region, these are exciting times. A horned lizard and rainbow-headed … Read More

Post Shin Bet Officials Stole Millions of Shekels

For the past few weeks, I reported about a major scandal in the Shin Bet.  Thanks to the opacity of the national security state (i.e. a gag order) we only knew this was likely a case of corruption of the sort I reported here involving the Mossad. A former Shabak agent told me he believed … Read More

Electronic Weapons, Radio Frequency Radiation, Remote Manipulation of the Human Nervous System

In mid March 2016 the Polish defense minister Antoni Macierewicz visited the University of Father Tadeusz Rydzyk to participate in the discussion on problems of contemporary politics, armed conflicts and terrorism. One of the listeners asked him, whether Poland has got a strategy, how to solve illegal experiments with electromagnetic weapons on unwitting Polish citizens. Antoni Macieriwicz... Read More


Using  Lies Created by the US/ Zionist Media, Israeli Controlled America has Attacked Syria for the Benefit of… Israel!! The US has launched 50 to 60 Tomahawk missiles against the Syrian military base near Homs after President Donald Trump ordered the strikes in response for the chemical attack in Idlib, blaming the incident on President … Read More

US Imposed Syria Sanctions Hit Children’s Cancer Treatment at Damascus Children’s Hospital

Six years of conflict have brought the Syrian health service, once one of the best in the Middle East, close to collapse Damascus: In the cancer ward at Damascus Children’s Hospital, doctors are struggling with a critical shortage of specialist drugs to treat their young patients — and it’s not just due to the general … Read More

Israel’s Apartheid: Text of Resignation Letter by ESCWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf

[The following text is the resignation letter submitted by ESWA Executive Secretary Rima Khalaf in response to the formal request by UN Secretary General that ESCWA withdraw the publication of a report that asserts Israel is committing Apartheid. Click here to access the full ESCWA report, which has since been removed from the UN website.]   Dear … Read More

Israeli Soldiers Destroy an Internationally-Funded Drinking Water Pipeline

Israeli military bulldozers destroyed, Monday, a drinking water pipeline that was funded by The United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in the Central Plains of the occupied West Bank. Mo’taz Bisharat, a Palestinian official in charge of Israeli colonies’ file at the Palestinian Authority in central West Bank, said many Israeli army jeeps and bulldozers … Read More

American Blood Lust: From Women and Children to… Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs?!

Are there any limits to American blood lust? This week America answered, “No!” The shrill penetrating screams of innocent foreign children, in their death throws at the hands of an America gone mad, has become all too common- and under-reported. A self-absorbed nation cares not to hear the screams of the innocent. As of this week the unheard cries of dying infant victims is no longer... Read More

Another Death Nail for Democracy Kills 1700 Endangered Wolves:

With a stroke of the presidential pen 1700 wolves were sentenced to die. Never mind that these same wolves have been brought back from regional extinction due to forty years of dedicated work by conservationists. For the sake of just two congressional votes, president Obama was willing to allow the slaughter of a species. The … Read More

100,000 Hours of Isolation: Gaza Blockade Enters Its 12th Year

A recent report by the Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor exposes the catastrophic consequences of Israel’s 11-year long blockade on the Gaza Strip. While Israel is only continuing its long history of isolating Gaza yet at an unprecedented length and severity since 2006, the international community shoulders this isolation with silence and oblivion. For eleven years, Israel … Read More


In a world of slanted journalism that pervades not only main stream media offerings but also the majority of "progressive" and "alternative" media, it is the hackers and leakers of vital information that are now providing a new and desperately needed return to real journalism. Recent examples of courage and risk in pursuit of full disclosure which counters media distortions of fact, must be... Read More

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