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Rouhani Victory Crimps Trump-Israel-Sunni Axis

Two remarkable events coincided this week in the Middle East. Donald Trump made his first presidential visit abroad and Iran held its presidential election. Until yesterday, no one knew whether Iran would give a second term to an embattled moderate who’d had some success normalizing relations with the west, but less in improving the economy; or a clerical butcher, endorsed by the Grand... Read More

Israel’s Outrage Du Jour: Teaching Fifth Graders to ‘Confirm the Kill’

Last week, on a day filled with outrages against sanity and decency in Israel, I penned the first of what I called “Outrages Du Jour.”  Tonight is the second in the series, featuring three jaw-dropping bouts of near-insanity and bad taste. In the first, the police of the tony Tel Aviv suburb of Ramat HaSharon … Read More

Trump’s Key ‘Fixer’ with European Alt-Right is Anti-Semitic

A little-known Italian-American, Guido “George” Lombardi, is known as Donald Trump’s “fixer” with the European alt-right.  Lombardi, a wealthy real estate investor who owns the 62nd and 63 floors of the Trump Tower and is a member of his Mar-a-Lago club, is a Trump insider, though he has no official position.  In a Politico profile published … Read More

Israel’s Outrage Du Jour:

Denying Palestinian Boy Terror Victim Status After He Survived Family’s Incineration Yesterday brought not one outrage du jour, but two from Israel. Defense minister Avigdor Lieberman denied 8 year-old Ahmed Dawabshe’s application for the official compensation offered all Israeli Jewish terror victims. The little boy’s father, mother and baby brother were all burned to death by Jewish... Read More

BREAKING: Former Israeli Defense Minister Confirms Israeli Collaboration with ISIS in Syria

In the midst of complaining about the Islamist threat to Israel and the world, Bibi Netanyahu conveniently forgets that his own country enjoys a tacit alliance with ISIS in Syria.  It is an alliance of convenience to be sure and one that’s not boasted about by either party.  But is not terribly different from one than Israel … Read More

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