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NATO Launches Its Own Operation in the Middle East

The recent NATO summit took a decision to formally become a member of the US-led coalition fighting the Islamic State (IS), in addition to its training mission in Iraq. Last year, NATO started a training and capacity-building mission for Iraqi armed forces. In January, it opened a regional center in Kuwait. NATO AWACS aircraft operate in Syria. … Read More

US Senate Pushes Through Anti-Iran Bill

With sanctions against Russia put on hold, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee is pushing through a bill to introduce more sanctions on Iran. Lawmakers will likely consider an Iran sanctions bill in coming weeks but will not do the same for a Russia sanctions bill, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Tennessee senator Bob … Read More

Analysis: Turkish Referendum May Spur Cooperation with Russia

The relations with the EU are likely to deteriorate further. The Turkish president was warned that if he fulfilled his threat to reintroduce the death penalty he would immediately end all prospect of rapprochement with the EU. The revival of the death penalty will make EU accession impossible. Mr. Erdogan’s actions have unnerved Western leaders. Meanwhile, the event will boost development of... Read More

Libya Enters New Phase of Armed Conflict

Alarm bells are ringing. The world has another armed conflict on its map. East Libyan forces led by General Khalifa Haftar are about to take control of the Tamanhent air base near the city of Sabha, which is located on the frontline between rival forces based in eastern and western Libya. The leadership of the … Read More

US Prepares for More Military Operations Around the World

President Donald Trump is considering delegating more authority to the Defense Department to conduct anti-terrorist operations overseas, which at the moment require the White House approval. The commanders have the authority to take their own decisions only in declared war zones, but not outside. They must go all the way up to the president to launch a drone strike or a raid by a Special... Read More

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