Finian Cunningham


Britain’s Corbyn Bravely Makes the Case for Socialism

As Britons go to a general election next month, the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn has set out its manifesto offering the electorate a clear choice for socialism. It’s a brave move, given that the party has not been polling well and its leader is continually vilified in the British media for being a «loony lefty». But it’s not just a brave move. It is the correct, strategic move... Read More

French Establishment Mount the Ramparts Against Le Pen

«Centrist» candidate Emmanuel Macron was no sooner announced winner in the first round of the French presidential election at the weekend, and with unseemly haste the political establishment rushed to close ranks against rival Marine Le Pen of the Front National. Macron topped the poll in the first round winning 23.8 per cent of the … Read More

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